People have been asking me if I’ve had any pregnancy cravings. I didn’t really think I did, other than mild aversions to food that I normally love (boiled crawfish, for example). But, I think I’ve decided that my pregnancy food is cereal… any kind of cereal. We’ve had to upgrade to buying gallons of milk instead of half gallons!! That’s a first! I polished off a box of Cap’n Crunch yesterday, and I’m between Life and Raisin Bran right now. I love every kind of cereal, from the healthiest ancient grains all the way to the kiddie sugary stuff. I really can’t think of one kind of cereal that I don’t like. Sometimes, I have to walk quickly down the cereal aisle to avoid buying too much (or just bypass it altogether)!

So, there it is. And, enjoy this awesome vintage ad:


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