About Me

My name is Katie, and I live in Faubourg St. John, New Orleans. I am married to a wonderful man, have two cats, and a beautiful baby on the way due in September! My husband and I are currently business owners, but I also have a Masters in teaching, a Bachelors in English literature, a certificate in Catholic catechesis, and certificate to teach Theology of the Body at the middle school level. I’ve been a bookkeeper, tutor, business manager, teacher, camp counselor, and cook, and they were all great. But I really do love owning and operating our own business!

My Catholic faith is enormously important to me, and I try hard to live it out everyday. I’ve been a Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for about 7 years now, and¬†it is such a humbling service every time I distribute the Eucharist to someone at mass.¬†I spent one year¬†on the Young Adult Ministry board for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and I am currently leading the Young Adult Ministry for my home parish. I taught middle school religion for two years, and I had a lot of great experiences with my students. I love daily mass, Eucharistic Adoration, the rosary, and the Sacrament of Penance. Advent is my favorite liturgical season. I listen to EWTN all the time, especially the Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection, Kresta in the Afternoon, and EWTN News Nightly. I’m a fan of all things traditional: Latin, incense, bells, liturgy. I’m 100% pro-life from natural conception to natural death and advocate for natural family planning.

I love discussing controversial subjects, like politics and religion. (For the record, I¬†side mostly with Republicans and the Constitution Party.) I can’t stand the popular media, 24/7 mass news outlets, and cable television. I love farmer’s markets and having access to locally grown and prepared food. Cooking gorgeous meals from my cookbook collection¬†with fresh ingredients is one of my favorite activities. I’m intermediate on the piano, but could be better if I practiced more. I’m a child of the 90’s and all the things that come with that. However, I have a romanticized nostalgia for the 1940’s to early 1960’s, and I love listening to Old Time Radio shows on Sirius XM.

I believe that any problem can be solved by putting the information into spreadsheet format. We¬†attend all 7 days of¬†Jazz Fest.¬†Dust on furniture and cat litter on the floor make my blood pressure rise. I refuse to let the serial comma die. I love studying the stars and wish I could see more of them, but I live in the city. My favorite adult beverages – when I’m not pregnant, of course – are chardonnay and dirty Sapphire martinis. I am a member of the Krewe of Iris parade that rides on the Saturday before Mardi Gras. I live for the sun, summer, and salt water.

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